Managed Forest Tax Incentive Program

The Managed Forest Tax Incentive Program (MFTIP) was introduced by the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources to increase forestry awareness on private lands and provide a tax break to help offset any associated costs. Under MFTIP, landowners must have at least 10 acres of forest on their property. Once the forest plan is written and approved, the Managed Forest Area is reassessed and taxed at 25% of the normal rate. This 10 year plan educates the landowner about their properties attributes, potential and develop sound activities surrounding the landowners objectives.

For more information call us or visit Ministry of Natural Resources (MFTIP)

Afforestation Tree Planting Funding

Regen Forestry is partnered with Trees Ontario to act as a Local Program Delivery Agency (LPDA) to deliver the 50 Million Tree Program in the Algoma Region. Landowners with at least 2.5 acres of open land are eligible for funding of up 90% of the first year reforestation efforts. On average, landowners contribute $0.15 per tree or roughly $125-150 per acre for conifer plantations depending on the site and stock planted. Please call us for a free site visit to discuss your properties potential.

For more information call us or visit Trees Ontario (Tree Planting)

Wildlife Assessments and Food Plots

yellow spottedNew to our services, we now assist landowners with increasing specific wildlife habitat. Whether it is for recreational purposes (i.e. hunting) or species of concern. We as well control invasive species. Please call to speak with our Environmental Technologist.


Land Leasing

MooseSmall parcels, large parcels…. We are developing a network for Non-Timber Value Added Products (NTVAP) options for landowners. These include annual or long-term leases for:

Timber Assessments and Tree Marking

Cinder conk yellow birchConsidering a harvest?  We have fully Certified Tree Markers available to ensure the RIGHT trees are marked for harvest.  Removing diseased trees increases the chances of a healthier long-term forest both environmentally and financially speaking.

Are you interested in finding out what the timber value on your property is?  We can give you rough estimates or a detailed report outlining the present value with current stumpage (landowner) rates.  Please call for more information.

Harvest Contracting and Auditing

HarvestingTendering your woodlot with a third party forestry consultant is a good idea if you are unaware of forest product values and proper tree marking techniques. At REGEN FORESTRY the process can include these various stages:

  • Consulting the landowner on their interests and objectives of the property
  • Implementing a detailed inventory of the present forest structure, diversity, areas of concern, wildlife habitat, etc
  • Marking the approximate boundary of the property and leaving a buffer zone to prevent disputes
  • Marking the trees to be harvested and the trail access if required
  • Meeting loggers on the property to discuss concerns and explain contract
  • Provide a Tender Agreement between the logger and the Landowner
  • Perform a post-logging audit to ensure the logger has caused minimal environmental impact on the forest