cowsEstablished in 2009, Bennett Creek Farms is a low impact non-certified organic farm that incorporates traditional growing-raising techniques. Some of these locally grown in the Sault Ste. Marie area products include:

Tree Seedlings

Species Age (years) Type Size (inch)
Black Spruce 1 Container 7-8
Red Oak 1 Container 12-16
Red Spruce 1 Container 8
Red Pine 1 Container 6
Norway Spruce 1 Container 8
Jack Pine 1 Container 6
Black Spruce 2 Container 12

MNR approved for local growing conditions.

Landscape Trees

spruce trees

Species Size (ft)
White Spruce 5-8
Cedar (potted) 2-3
Red Oak 6-15
European Larch 8-15

All trees are:

  • locally grown
  • no herbicide treatments
  • balled and burlap (except pots)



All of our firewood comes from sustainably managed forests. That means absolutely no clear-cuts, diameter limit or hi-grading in hardwood forests. Short term gain results in long term pain. If you are wondering why our firewood is more expensive, well it should be. If you want to support poor management of your local environment, go with the cheapest. Lots of folks don’t even ask where the firewood comes from… you should. Now that you are aware, the decision is yours.

Wood Fired Maple Syrup

Smoky flavoured from brewing over the wood fired evaporator for too many hours. Please call for pricing.